I do a little bit of everything but Photography and Videography are my all time favorites! 
A few things I like to shoot are Nature, Architecture, Automobiles, Portraits, and Events. for Videography, I love creating Documentaries, corporate videos, promos, and weddings. I also love shooting everyday life, like vlogs.

Growing up, Movies were always a way to bond for my family. I never understood the process of how Films were created, so that only intrigued me more. I started my Bachelors in Film & TV Production at Webster University in 2020. While taking classes to enhance my film production knowledge, I quickly realized I had an eye for cinematography. My interest was not only in Cinematography, but Documentaries as well. Towards the end of my time at Webster I was able to secure an internship with Lifetime Media. this gave me the opportunity to craft my lighting, producing, and on-set skills while getting experience working with a professional company. On my second to last semester I decided to take a Documentary Class and that's where I created "The Outlander". With one of my best friends by myside we were certain to create a documentary that showed a different side of St. Louis and gave people, often hidden in society, a voice. "The outlander" allowed us to win best of show in Documentary for Kinemafest Film Festival. I finished Webster achieving my goals, Receiving Honors, and happy to advance into the next stages of my life. 

After Webster, I decided to get some experience working on set by taking gigs working on Shows. A few of the shows I've worked on are "Inmate to Roomate" A&E, "Crappie Lake" Bravo (Housewives of new York spin-off), Beach Body Coach Summit, and "Chris Redd Netflix Comedy Special".  

While working on set, I realized I was missing something, I was no longer creating content and that's where my heart lies. Listening to my heart, I decided to create a Media Brand Local to St. Louis called high Exposure Media. In 2023 High Exposure BRand was officially recognized by the state as an LLC. We've worked with many amazing companies in St. Louis like Flyt Golf, Time to Disco, A Perfect Fit, Smash Co, J&D features, and Rec Hall STL. We currently provide photography, Videography, and Digital Media. 

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